House of Sugar, House of Stone is available through

University Press of Colorado




"The music here, combined with the familiar motifs (which morph and enlarge under the spell of this poet), forge lines and images and narrative—both tantalizingly fragmented and satisfyingly complete—of genuine power. The collection pairs story with song, specifics with innuendo, in such a compelling way that I dare anyone to read the first poem and put this book back down. This is something strange and new—and very exciting.”

—Laura Kasischke


 House of Sugar, House of Stone draws heavily on Grimms’ timeless fairy tales to tell its story, but Pérez casts the themes of motherhood, betrayal, and longing in a light that is unmistakably contemporary. The effect is powerful and devastating.”
—Blas Falconer


“Emily Pérez knows how to cast a spell. In this smart, brave book, she uses her honed musicality to enchant the reader while she plumbs the great domestic mysteries: How do you wed and stay a self? How do you both procreate and create? The dark forests of Grimms’ fairy tales pulse through her poems. By the time you leave the wilderness of her singing, you will have been changed. Home will never look the same again.”
—Sasha West